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Students learn the features, tools, and techniques of AutoCAD® 2017. The hands-on exercises giving delegates all the skills needed to produce high quality 2D drawings that helps the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, or product design.


Who Should

This course is designed for the new user of AutoCAD, Designer, Drafter, Engineering, Construction, Mechanical and Architectural.




Getting Started

  • Sign In to Autodesk 360 on the Start Tab
  • Explore the AutoCAD for Windows User Interface
  • Setting Drawing Units


Basic Drawing Skills

  • Navigating 2D Drawings
  • Drawing Lines and Rectangles
  • Canceling, Erasing, and Undoing
  • Using Coordinate Systems
  • Drawing Circles, Arcs, and Polygons
  • Filleting and Chamfering Lines


Using Drawing Aids

  • Grid and Snaps
  • Ortho and Polar Tracking
  • PolarSnap
  • Running Object Snaps
  • Harness the From Snap
  • Object Snap Tracking


Editing Entities

  • Creating Selection Sets
  • Move and Copy
  • Rotate and Scale
  • Working with Arrays
  • Trim and Extend
  • Lengthen and Stretch
  • Offset and Mirror
  • Grip Editing



Shaping Curves

  • Drawing and Editing Curved Polylines
  • Drawing Ellipses
  • Drawing and Editing Splines
  • Blending between Objects and Splines


Controlling Object Visibility and Appearance

  • Changing Object Properties
  • Setting the Current Layer
  • Altering Object’s Layer Visibility
  • Control Layer Visibility
  • Applying Linetype
  • Assigning Properties by Object or by Layer
  • Managing Layer Properties
  • Isolate Objects


Organizing Objects

  • Defining Blocks
  • Inserting Blocks
  • Editing Blocks
  • Redefining Blocks
  • Working with Groups


Hatching and Gradients

  • Specifying Hatch Areas
  • Associating Hatches with Boundaries
  • Hatching with Patterns
  • Hatching with Gradients


Working with Blocks and Xrefs

  • Working with Global Blocks
  • Searching for Content Across Multiple Drawings
  • Storing Content on Tool Palettes
  • Referencing External Drawing and Images



Creating and Editing Text

  • Creating Text Styles
  • Writing Lines of Text
  • Writing and Formatting Paragraphs of Text using MTEXT
  • Editing Text



  • Styling Dimensions
  • Adding Dimensions
  • Editing Dimensions


Keeping in Control with Constraints

  • Working with Geometric Constraints
  • Applying Dimensional Constraints and Creating User Parameters
  • Constraining Objects Simultaneously with Geometric and Dimensions
  • Making Parametric Changes to Constrained Objects


Working with Layouts and Annotative Objects

  • Creating Annotative Styles and Objects
  • Creating Layouts
  • Adjusting Floating Viewports
  • Overriding Layer Properties in a Layout Viewports
  • Draw on Layouts


Printing and Plotting

  • Configuring Output Devices
  • Creating Plot Style Tables
  • Using Plot Style Tables
  • Plotting in Model Space
  • Plotting in Layouts in Paper Space
  • Exporting to an Electronic Format


Working with Data

  • Defining Attributes and Blocks
  • Inserting Attributes Blocks
  • Editing Tables Styles and Creating Tables
  • Using Fields in Table Cells
  • Editing Table Data

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